sunday menu


Starters and lite bites

Grilled Halloumi (GF) £ 4.95

Slices of grilled halloumi served with salad garnish

Soupe Du Jour (V) £  5.25

Homemade soup, made from fresh local produce, served with ciabatta

Fresh tomato  and Mozzarella Bruschetta (V) £ 5.50

Chopped fresh tomatoes on top of toasted ciabatta with buffalo mozzarella

Crispy Chilli Chicken (GF) £ 6.25

Stripped chicken with chillies

Lite bites and Classics

Sausage, Egg and Chips               small £ 7.95

                                                                Large £10.95

Scampi in a Basket withFries  £ 9.95

Double Egg and Chips (GF)  £ 7.25

Liz Dean Special £ 6.95

1 rasher smoked bacon, 1 fried egg, grilled tomato and toast

Cheese and Mushroom or Atlantic Prawn  3  Egg Omelette (GF)   

with hand-cut homemade chips and peas £ 9.95

Ham, Mash Potato and Cabbage (GF)  £ 11.50

Trio of Sausage and Mash  £ 11.25

Three Cumberland sausages with mash, peas 

and onion gravy  

Ham, Egg and Homemade Chips (GF)     small £ 7.95

                                                                                Large £ 11.50


 Chips £ 3.75, Cheesey chips £ 4.50

 Seasonal vegetables £ 3.75, Rocket salad £ 3.50

 New potatoes £ 3.50, Garlic ciabatta £ 3.50,

Cheesy garlic ciabatta £ 4.25 Side salad £ 3.50

All of our ingredients are sourced locally where possible

If you or anyone at your table has any allergies, then please inform a member of staff to

make sure that your food stays free from your allergy

Smaller Portions available on request. Take £2.00 off list price

Ciabatta all £6.95

Roast Beef

Roast Lamb

Roast Pork

Brie and cranberry

All ciabattas are served with crips and salad garnish  


Traditional Sunday Roast (GF) £ 12.50

Choose from either Beef, Lamb, or Pork all are served with

A selection of freshly cooked vegetables, Yorkshire pudding,

 stuffing, and delicious homemade gravy

Mixed Meat Roast (GF) £ 15.50

 All three meats served with a selection of freshly cooked vegetables,

Yorkshire pudding,  stuffing, roast potatoes and  delicious homemade gravy

Nut Roast £ 11.50

served with roast potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy

all roasts can have extra free roast potatoes, stuffing yorkshire puddings and gravy just ask a member of our team

Roast Salad (GF)  £ 10.95

A choice of either beef, pork or lamb sliced on a bed of freshly prepared salad

served with roasties and a Yorkshire pudding

The Classic Jolly Tanners Burger £ 11.95

100% pure beef burger, topped with cheddar and bacon,

served in a brioche bun, with chips and relish

The Vegetarian (V)  £ 11.25

Field mushrooms, grilled halloumi with sweet chilli sauce

Allergy advice key (GF) gluten free (V) vegetarian (N) contains nuts

An optional charge of 10% will be added to tables of 6 or more

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