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We hold Easter and August Bank  Holiday beer festivals, and ad hoc festivals, as we fee l inclined!

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We pride ourselves in serving an ever-changing choice of cask ales, from a wide selection of independent brewers.

Our commitment to real ale is showcased twice a year at our beer festivals. For information see the Beer Festival Page.

The August Bank Holiday Festival was a resounding success.

No prizes for guessing the beer that sold out first…….Timothy Taylors Landlord flew out, followed closely by HopBack Crop Circle. We always keep Harveys Best on during the festival, in fact we sell even more Harveys than normal.

Although during the festival the light coloured beers sold well, we have seen a definite trend towards dark beers. In fact we seem to not only have a Mild on tap, but Stouts are going well too. Look out for the latest Dark Beer, from the Gloucester region, we have just put up a 9 gallon Dubonni beer, from Saxon Brewery.

Beer History A To Z for a list of beers we have recently served.

"Voted the North Sussex CAMRA pub of the year 2002, 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2014"